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All materials used in the production of memorials have variations within the slab. Colour names can be misleading and are only given as a general guide.


These are the hardest materials and cover all igneous stones. Colours range from black to light grey, pink to red, blue and green. Some have a pearl effect when polished showing the mica within the rock.

Finishes: All types


Carrara, sometimes called Sicilian is the usual marble used for memorials . Marble is generally white and has a blue grey vein. As it weathers it turns grey and becomes sugary, due to surface erosion.

Finishes: All types except polishing


The material is formed under water and contains shells, as in Portland stone. The colour ranges from cream to beige. Nabresina from Trieste in Italy is denser and finer grained than many British Stones.

Finishes: All types except polishing


Silica stones, such as York, can be harder and more durable than Limestone. The colours vary from sandy to grey.

Finishes: Fine rubbed, tooled or pitched


Chemically similar to clay, this material is compressed into laminated form and is very strong. It can be split or sawn into thin slabs. It is usually blue/black or green.

Finishes: Fine honed or Riven - split through the lamination



Natural rock-like appearance achieved with a minimum of work to split away unwanted stone.


Natural rock finish left by splitting the material by hand or machine.


As rustic but highest spots reduced by tooling.


As punched but material is worked to give a reasonably uniform surface.


A rustic finish finely tooled to give an even surface, used on rough granite for inscription panels.


Surface is spalled or exfoliated by the application of heat, giving a uniform appearance similar to riven.


Naturally split giving a smooth undulating surface, only applies to slate.


Various textures achieved by masoning, normally a dressed finish showing tool marks.


A tooled even texture achieved with a finely pointed chisel.


Fine rubbed or sandblasted to remove the irregular markings, giving a uniform surface.


Non-reflective smooth matt finish.


Finish between eggshell and polished.


A gloss polished finish giving a glass-like smooth reflective surface.

When producing a new memorial, we have to give consideration to your requirements, location and cemetery and churchyard regulations. A durable, naturally quarried material should be selected which will accommodate the required design and lettering.

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