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Our Step-by-Step Guide

We will take you through each category to enable you to make your provisional choice so that you can submit the choices you have made to us.

You can of course, change your choices during our meeting as we may explain to you that some of your choices may not work in the environment in which your memorial is going to be placed.

We will advise you along the way

Review and then Choose the Material you preferReview and then choose the Finish you prefer01Review and then choose the Shape you prefer

If you have come direct to this page without reviewing any of the product information, don’t worry, we will take you through a process of choosing your memorial, step by step.

Choose Review to visit each page, make your choice then return to this page and choose your selection in the drop down box to the right of the your subject, easy isn’t it!

02 03 Review and then choose the Book you prefer 04 Review and then choose the Vase you prefer 05 Review and then choose the Lettering you prefer 06 What ceremony is being planned?

The information you are providing us is just a rough guide which will assist us to provide you with more detailed information.

Before you Submit the Form, to stop automated systems from submitting to us false information, can you please type into the box one or two words which you will see in the coloured box above it, called “Captcha”, please type them in exactly as they are shown, whether in upper or lower case, then press the Submit button.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to meeting with you.

Step by Step Guide

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